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Free Services for Non-Profits
A Light in the Rain Ltd. believes in supporting non-profit organizations. As such, we offer all services free of charge, to valid non-profit ventures*. This website covers our non-profit specific services, while alightintherain.com covers our business services.

If you are interested, or have any questions, please contact us. We are here to help!
*some restrictions apply. please contact us to determine if your non-profit organization is eligible.
Services Offered
Neuro Optimization
Take advantage of modern scientific advances, and optimize your strategies. Through a combination of neuroscience, psychology, and other disciplines, we enhance all services offered.
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Neuro Optimization is the application of behavioural science in order to improve the functionality and success of strategies and operations. It is a combination of neuroscience, psychology, behavoural economics, marketing, anthropology, political science, philosophy, history, evolutionary biology, and various other disciplines.

It can be applied to marketing campaigns, advertisements, brand management, internal organization, media relations and more. Whenever you have a goal, Neuro Optimization can contribute towards reaching it, while improving efficiency and often reducing costs.
Build your brand and grow your cause with professional marketing services. Using science and traditional marketing, we can help with both online and offline campaigns.
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A Light in the Rain Ltd. uses modern techniques grounded in science to Neuro Optimize all marketing campaigns improving their efficiency and rate of success. Our experience and understanding of multiple cultures helps ensure that your campaign is not limited. And our diverse skill set can help you reach different groups in different ways.

We believe that a good marketing plan opens doors and leads to new opportunities. Our actions are consistently directed towards making your organization successful, while keeping true to your core beliefs, ethics, and philosophy.
Website Services
A website is often at the centre of your online user experience. With Neuro Optimization, we will build you a functional, impressive, and successful website.
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We design our websites from scratch, without the use of templates or drag-and-drop programs. This ensures that your code is efficient, and does not break when updated or changed. We also take extra measures to leave comments in our code, so that anyone with a basic understanding of html will easily be able to update the site in the future. Similary, text and images can be changed within seconds by following a set of simple instructions.

Through the use of Neuro Optimization, we are able to keep people interested in your website, influence how people view your non-profit, and procure donations or support. We are also able to integrate social media, videos, blogs, and more.

Once created, Google Analytics can be used to monitor how people interact with your web pages, and further optimize the website over time. We will be continuously available to help maintain your website, and make sure that it is meeting all your needs.
Wordpress Services
Choose from premium templates and have a professional looking website within a few hours. Provide us with graphics and copy, and we can quickly set up an easily editable website.
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Wordpress websites are generally based on pre-made templates. These templates are limited and require you to work within their bounds. As a result we cannot optimize them, and often cannot drastically change how they look. However, they are very effective when used as blogs, starter websites, or e-commerce platforms. They can be set up within hours, customized to a degree, and easily updated by those without web design knowledge.

A Light in the Rain Ltd. has accounts with premium template services, allowing you to choose from a selection of impressive layouts which receive ongoing updates. We will also teach you the basics of using a Wordpress website, and write up instructions on how to update your website. Further, we will be available if you ever require help.
Sometimes choosing the right words can have more of an impact than an entire marketing campaign. Words shape our perception, and influence our impressions of brands and individuals.
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Copywriting is the practice of persuasion with words. Good copy is able to sway an individual's opinion, lead them towards a decision, or keep them interested in your cause. In order to provide quality copy, we use a number of strategies based on research from neuroscience, psychology, and marketing. We are familiar with hundreds of techniques that are specific to non-profits, which we can use to optimize your online and media communications.
Brand Management
Having a strong recognizable brand can be an important part of many non-profit organizations and ventures. When seeking donations and support, trust is a key ingredient. We can help.
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Your brand is often the one thing people remember when they think about your organization. If they remember it in a positive light, your initiatives are more likely to succeed.

We can help you manage your brand by teaching you ways to avoid unneeded controversy, as well as how to generate positivity and use new technologies to your advantage. Our advice on social media may help you avoid costly mistakes, and our understanding of the changing web can help you keep up to date, consistently improving and growing your brand's presence.
Expansion Advice
Expanding your non-profit can be an intimidating and costly task. Our knowledge of marketing and online services can help you save money, avoid scams, and discover new opportunities.
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Many businesses sell sub-par products and services in order to save money. As a result, it is often difficult to determine when a specific product, service, or choice is right for your non-profit. A Light in the Rain Ltd. can provide unbiased information on the pros and cons of different options, as well as expected/average costs and time required for completion. We can also suggest other opportunities or alternatives that will benefit your non-profit while saving money and avoiding future problems. While we cannot guarantee that our advice will be perfect, we will always strive to enhance your knowledge so that you are able to make well educated decisions.
We do not require any payment or acknowledgement for our non-profit services. As such we are generally willing to sign non-disclosure agreements, or adhere to requirements.
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We understand that the privacy and security of your organization and supporters is often of great importance. Please let us know if you have any specific privacy concerns or would like us to a sign any agreements.
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A Light in the Rain Ltd. is a Canadian based e-marketing firm that specializes in helping new businesses expand their presence online. Please visit our website at www.alightintherain.com to learn more about us.
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